EUROGRATE®, a Ticomm & Promaco Group brand, with its production expertise, is the leading European supplier of monolithic moulded fiberglass gratings, fencing, FRP profiles and fixed vertical ladders.

EUROGRATE® has served the European market for over 40 years, proving itself a reliable manufacturer and supplier of fiberglass products.

Drawing on this experience, EUROGRATE® is the only manufacturer in Europe capable of producing monolithic moulded fiberglass gratings on a large scale using a manufacturing process based on a fully-automated technology, TEKNOTEX.

EUROGRATE® products (FRP gratings, fiberglass fencing, profiles, fixed vertical ladders) are manufactured in Italy, which operates with respect for the environment, to a high standard of sustainability and energy efficiency.

Ticomm & Promaco quality management system that is certified by DNV to ISO 9001.
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